Instructions for use Mammax

Instructions for the use of the bioactive complex

Real breast augmentation with Mammax capsules has become possible. You need to take the product strictly according to the instructions. The capsules are placed in an organic shell that accelerates digestion. The complex should be drunk in the correct dosage with plenty of water. One package contains 60 capsules.

How to use the bioactive complex:

How to take Mammax capsules for breast growth correctly
  1. Take a capsule daily, regardless of food intake. Swallow whole.
  2. It is recommended to drink plenty of water (1-2 liters) to improve digestion.
  3. The course is 1-2 months, depending on the desired result, the condition of the breast.

No cases of overdose have been established. Allergy to one of the components of the bioactive complex is possible.

When it is recommended to take the remedy, possible contraindications

Mammax capsules are designed to increase the natural volume of the bust, restore tissue elasticity.

The main indications for the use of the complex:

  • loss of shape, volume of the breast;
  • loss of elasticity, elasticity;
  • the appearance of stretch marks;
  • sagging bust, deformation.

Capsules help to increase volumes in its absence in case of hormonal disorders, genetic predisposition, after loss of tone and loss of roundness as a result of weight loss and childbirth. Thanks to this, the complex is popular in Spain.

When it is not recommended to take the remedy

The lack of data on negative reactions and contraindications does not mean that they cannot be individual. Before using capsules, you should carefully read the annotation. The recommended dosage cannot be exceeded. It is not recommended to take the remedy for pregnant women, lactating women and people with cancer.